Zong presents Apna Station

September 3, 2013 9:55 AM0 comments

Zong Apna StationBefore Soail Media fever hit Pakistan, youngsters of the country used to be mad after listening to favorite DJ’s on the popular FM stations. We used to wait for the programs and discuss with our friends next day. But then, suddenly, Facebook replaced many of our habits and hobbies along with this sweet addiction.Many of us might believe that the Radio and FM era is over now, however, Zong thinks in a different way as it has launched an interesting and innovative offer namely, “Apna Station”.

With this offer, Zong has reminded the good old days since users will be able to do all what they used to do, i.e: listening to their favorite RJs and  participation in live discussions about a range of topics including Religon, Sports, Politics, Technology, Education etc. That is not all because if you don’t want to participate in discussions, you can just listen to ongoing talk via IVR. In short, Zong will not let you get jaded at all.

How to Subscribe?

Customer just needs to dial 6633 and select the topic of his/her own choice
  • Customers will be charged @ PKR 7+tax on weekly basis
  • 6633 IVR dialing charges are Rs.0.20 +tax/min

Ingredients of the Apna Station Recipe

People can also dial this IVR to just listen to current discussion.

Users can participate in Polls, quizzes and trivia

This product will offer a platform to those customers who wish to participate in productive discussion on following list of topics

  1. Religious
  2. Education
  3. Music
  4. Politics
  5. Sports
  6. Relationship
  7. Technology
  8. Special Day Show
  9. Other hot topic

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