Iltaf Hussain, Imran Khan and England

July 16, 2013 3:20 PM0 comments

It was strange for me that after only one program of News Night aired at BBC, almost whole of Pakistani Media has started talking against Iltaf Hussain which was rare before. Recent speeches of Iltaf Hussain, Imran Khan’s departure to London and the silence of Pakistani Govt. are all such things that have been knocking into my head since late and compelled me to think about the aspect which has still not been discussed in Pakistani media.

Before presenting my view, I would like to peep into the near past when, after 2001, MQM came very close to Pakistani establishment as well as USA and England which can be proved from continuous meetings of American diplomats with Iltaf throughout the decade. After 9/11 US needed pawns in Pakistani Govt. which could protect their interests and Iltaf offered his services in a letter which was, of course, accepted. After that a coalition including Musharraf, Iltaf, America and England was formed which remained intact even in PPP Govt.

It is important to note that Iltaf has been delivering such speeches in the past and money was also being transferred to London then why only now such actions are being taken. Of course Imran Faroque murder case was a strong motive, however, there are also some other hidden reasons. Firstly, after end game in Afghanistan, neither US and England need Iltaf Hussain and MQM any more nor MQM enjoys that much grip on Karachi as in the past, see election results of this year. So Iltaf has become such a tout for super powers which can hurt them.

Second reason is Imran Khan and its supporters in the west which not only include overseas Pakistanis but also many Europeans. West has always wished to present its soft image before Pakistanis and Imran’s closeness with them will certainly help their cause. Imran has also realized after election results that it cannot do wonders without west’s consent. Meeting of British high commisioner after elections and Imran’s visit of England can be understood accordingly.

I might be wrong in my analysis but I think the west will support Imran Khan to take place of Iltaf Hussain in the future and Imran Khan and the west will come further close. as far as MQM is concerned, I think it will exist in its weakest power until another dictator uses it.

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