26 meter long Grave of Prophet Noah (Nuh)’s Son in Pakistan

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Son of Noah (Nuh)

Prophet Noah (Nuh) (A.S) had 3 sons name Haam, Saam and Yaft. Haam came to South Asia and South Asians were from his generation. ” Hafiz Shamas Gulanovi” quoted in his book “Anwar Ul Shamas” that Haam had 9 son named Hind, Sindh, Ranj, Noma, Kunan, Kosh, Qabat and Barbarjash. Another writer “M. Zaman Khokhar” wrote detailed history about Haam in his book “Sialkot se Khyber Tak”.

Prophet Noah (Nuh) and sons

There is a 26 Miter long and 5 Miter Wide Grave; claimed to be gave of Haam, Son of Propher Noah (Nuh) in a town named Rawal of Pind Dadan Khan, 196 Km away from Islamabad, Capital of Pakistan.

When I heard about this grave I visited it and I surprised to see long and tall bats there around the grave. There was also a natural spring of water. Grave is so long and constructed with cement and have a boundary wall. “Baba Farman” from Gujrat bore all expenses of construction of that grave. It was a different experience of visiting a very unique grave. A question is still in my mind, did that much tall people exist in this world millions years ago?

Haam son of Prophet Noah

Grave of Haam

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